Only when you’re 4!


It is a long weekend here.  It means unusual outings out and about.

Sometimes I wish I still was four….

Like when we waited for the rest of the family to come pick us up across the street instead of going to the parking lot with them.. since my feet was killing me after a few hours of walking around and I figured that would save us from walking to the parking lot!

I was not the only one with tired legs by then.

We waited…

…and waited

and waited….

I begged and bribed her to stay up and stand there waiting with me so people would think we were sort of civilized…

I even made false alarm a few times to trick her into getting up…

but mostly I stood a little distance from her with my i-phone under cover, so people would not immediately identify me as the bad mother of the child on the street…

But I totally felt her pain… as I secretly wished I could go sit there next to her…

SERIOUSLY??…… how long can it take to get the car out of the parking lot???

It got sort of ridiculous…

and the curious on-lookers did not tickle her fancy enough to keep her eyes from falling shut…

Thirty minutes to get the car from the parking lot right across the street ?!!

I still have to wonder if they did not make a few more stops in the mall on their way to the car…??

I wish I was still 4. My feet were killing me !

My bed is calling me now.



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  • Sonja says:

    Had a little giggle about the ‘blogroll’ at the top here – for a moment my eyes tricked me, and I read “boggerol”!!!

    Sy’s ‘n pragtige meisiekind, Ilze!

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