Road Trip – Packing the car


We are going on a Road Trip tomorrow. Ten of us (two families) in one vehicle. Whoo-hoo !!! Can only be fun…..

I packed all the bags for our family…. so I know exactly what is inside each one and who is going to need which bags on the first night’s sleepover…which is really just a pit-stop which does not require every single bag to be off loaded late night and re loaded in the morning.

But I am not the one packing the car (or should I say the trailer behind the 10-seater).

So, I thought I would be nice to the packers and make their lifes’ a little bit easier, by labelling the bags.

I think they will love me for that tomorrow… not having to unzip and question in what sort of priority these bags will be required once on the road !

Yes. I think they are going to love me for this.

Take care everyone – I hope to write something about this trip we are going to undertake to Namibia….going through the borders of Botswana tomorrow night.

What have you been doing that is exciting during this summer break?
Would love to know !


Would love to hear from you.....

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