Beginning of the year is a difficult time.

Well, for me it is!

You are not in a fixed routine yet, kids’ activities have not yet started and basically you have to carve out your new daily schedule during the first few weeks as the new school year takes form. Kids are all a year “older” now with new teachers and especially changing the little one from daycare to big school presented a whole different routine in the mornings.

I am at that place right now. Just got settled in back home after the long summer break where there was no routine whatsoever and things are starting to happen but not yet at full pace. Every morning is kind of….. okay…what now?

Not sure exactly what to do next and changing my mind constantly on what is more important and very indecisive on what I would do for the day.

That’s where blogging comes in and why I love doing it ! Gives me time to do something while I decide what to do..

Just need time to get out of holiday mood and into busy-busy mode again where I operate best….but it is sort of just not happening yet?!

Last week I had just about every other activities’ date wrong, for the FEW things that were already happening.

That’s why I loved this billboard so much.


It’s the new Taste Twist gum from Stimorol. Try it – it’s fun !
And check out their ad… so silly..

I feel for this guy – that’s so ME right now !

If you are at that same place as I am…and you happen to read this…Shout out….so that I know I am not alone?!

Every year it  still confuses me (who comes from the southern hemisphere), to have a “beginning of the year” in the “middle of the year” …

That is perhaps why I get so confused and indecisive this time of the year !

But, I am wondering….. am I the only one??




2 responses to Whatever..

  • Grethe says:

    Nope – Christiaan se net laas week dit maak glad nie vir hom sin nie! Kon mos nou maar netsowel in Jan begin het met die nuwe jaar. Bly om te sien jy’s terug. Nou is daar weer lunchtyd leesstof….goeie timing want vandag was dag 1 by die werk.

  • JJ says:

    Funny – love the ad!!!

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