Recently I pinned this to one of my Pinterest boards (originally found here)

And then watched amazed as I got an e-mail every single day after that, of somebody who re-pinned this !

I think we are all in search of HAPPINESS…and living in hope that one day we will find true happiness.

Untill some day when you suddenly realize that you have to take a decision every single day, to be HAPPY.

I feel rather happy with life at the moment. Despite a million things that are not perfect, not ready, not right!

But hey… it’s great to know that it is not a place which we have to find…it is an attitude we have to choose!

And a concept we really have to learn to understand….TRUE HAPPINESS.

I am in no way near fully grasping it and embracing it and living true happiness, but I have come a long way to start to distinguise between what makes me really happy vs temporary thrill !

Shopping makes me happy for a moment…..but it leaves you out of pocket…and sometimes with buyer’s remorse….so the up very easily gets replaced by a down!

Gratitude should make us happy, but it is something different. I often know that I have countless things that I have been blessed with and am thankful for, and then it still does not make me happy.

Twelve things that make me truly happy are:

* providing a meal for somebody – Any meal you don’t have to prepare or pay for, is a bonus for me. So, I figure others might think that way too. Making others happy, makes me extremely happy!

* a neat and tidy home – doesn’t need to be me who cleaned it, as long as it got done !

* making a difference –  when there is sincere gratitude for time or effort you dedicated in making somebody’s life just a tiny bit better or easier

* cuddle-time with my kids on the white carpet – the luxury of just lying on the floor and realizing that their tiny bodies grow bigger and rolling around with them won’t last forever. Same goes for holding my child’s hand….I am aware of it every second I do it as the thought always crosses my mind, that this is but a passing moment.

* de-boning a chicken for chicken pot-pie (well, something similar!) – it is a mindless activity which gives you a break from daily stresses, but you see results as the pile of bones grows on the plate next to the stovetop….and most of all, it makes me think of my mom who asked me numerous times to help her do this as I was growing up, when she prepared a special meal

* a sense of belonging – finding a group of people or a place where I feel comfortable being myself

* making new friends makes me happy – it is wonderful to find people who adds to your life …..making it more fun….more interesting…and who shows a geniune interest to be in your life.

* Any friend who displays a true desire to keep the connection with me makes me really happy – the idea that somebody else misses me for even just a moment in time, gives me an extreme appreciation and affection for that person. We all love to be loved.

* my husband reading my blog and taking tips from it ! (hallo Liefa!).

* my brother who has no time at all during his hectic days managing construction projects, who sometimes randomly call me just to say that he misses me. Thanks Jaco!

* laughing with others – it really is true therapy to get a good giggle in every now and then.

* being creative makes me so happy – to take an idea and let it evolve untill something comes out of it all, leaves me with a very, very happy feeling indeed.

Those, my friends are a few of the things that makes me happy. VERY happy.

May we all have our share of HAPPINESS tomorrow…and the day after that…. and the day after that.

Readers of my blog – thanks for your comments – (for some reason never on the blog, but always about the blog via another route !)…but still – everytime I hear that somebody enjoyed reading it, it makes me happy!!

What will make me also happy, will be to hear what things YOU do to make you happy….. or leaves you HAPPY even if you did not plan for it to happen ! Share your joy…

Take care,



2 responses to Happiness

  • this is such a beautiful post… i agree that we make the conscious decision to be happy… and we have to remember that we have to always make the right decision! BTW… your card will be featured in tomorrow’s post… thank a lot for sending it and i hope that your trip was amazing!

  • Heather says:

    Why does it take so long to learn this? Even when things are tough, we have to remember, life is short, and sometimes it makes a real, determined effort to just be happy despite the hurdles life is facing us with.

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