Why?…. I ask one more time after travelling.


I just returned home from another travelling spree. This time it was London for  a leisure visit – just me and my little one.

And I have all these WHY questions spinning around in my head as we are both trying to get over the jetlag once again !!

WHY? …… I ask myself… WHY, oh WHY….

….do I always pack untill I have a 1 or 2 kg excess that I have to headache about in the last few minutes of packing?!  Why can’t I just stop my shopping 1 kg earlier??

….does my gate always seems to be the LAST outpost at the airport…. the one you have to take a shuttle train to reach? It really takes valuable duty-free shopping time out of the equasion if you have to spend it on completing a marathon to your departure gate !!

….did I agree to bring her “special blanket” on the plane…just because this time I had enough space in my carry-on?…. couldn’t the airline blankets have done the job just like all the other times?? (Try putting a blanket back in the suitcase on the plane when people are all lined up and pushing to get out….?! Not as easy as getting it in at home!!! Oh, how I complicated things with THIS one?!

….do I even bother to take a book on a trip?  Books are heavy and takes up space…. especially if you haven’t read ONE page while being away. I should leave reading for “in 10 year’s time” when I travel to an island on my own !!

…do I take 10 toys on board “just in case my child gets bored and then it is too much trouble to take them out from the overhead….and my child never asks for them anyway.

..do I take ANY toys for that matter on a trip…when these toys suddenly become very boring when eyes are laid on the fantastic things you can find in the toy shops on the other end ???

…do you HAVE to take out computers and i-pads through security? How exactly is that a thread INSIDE your bag? I don’t get it….ANYBODY..help me out here, please?

…and why then did I, after I came up with the clever idea of a bag on my back, only for the computer…ended up overloading it as we moved along…just because it was easier than putting things in the right places….oh, it was KILLING me in the end???

…does my phone’s 3G never work when it is supposed to? It just spins its wheels and never seem to pick up the signals in the other country…come on Apple ??!!!! What’s up? Or is it the stupid airtime service provider? Yes – I would have loved to tweet when I observe the odd peculiarity here and there…or use google maps when the GPS failed me (boy, was that fun?!)

…does my computer always run out of space when I am away, and not at home where I could check what I have backed up somewhere, and what I really can not delete?!

…is it that on the last FOUR flights they had to re-set the inflight entertainment system for the whole aeroplane which resulted in me not being able to finish the movie I was watching?

….and the biggest WHY….why, oh why can’t the men on the aeroplane just at least TRY to aim more precisely in those tiny toilets?? How do you explain to the big line outside the door whom you wish to please by making as quick as possible…that you also had to wipe down seats…watch your step, let your child hang in the air so they don’t step anywhere or touch anything AND get yourself out of there in no time at all??? Please, gentlemen !!!!??

Why, oh why…do I live a life of constant travelling to be with loved ones. No matter how hard I try…I have not yet mastered the art of travelling without being exhausted by the time I finally set foot on or off the plane.

…mmmm….is there such a thing as stress-free travelling ?? Any ideas, welcome !

(photo credit: Andrew Stawarz via flickr)


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