Uber Uber Happy…. an Early Christmas !!


A very short while ago, I had let you all in on a little secret – shouting out what’s at the top of my wishlist, right now.

You can find that post here.

Added in with the fact that I sneeked into my husband’s facebook page to make him LIKE the “Auburn and Blue” page, (you know you can do that too!), so he could have posts delivered right to his wall….

……what do you get ?


Yeah – maybe I manipulated that one a little…but I still did not think he would really be granting me my wish right that day he read the post !

But he did. And last night I got a little box…presented to me by my kids…

with my OWN UBERKATE !

And I LOVED it !!! It is EVEN NICER  than on the website. I could not be happier !!  I have never had a personalised jewellery piece…and there is definitely a special feeling seeing your 3 babies’ names that you can wear so close to your heart – the whole idea of the Uberkate range – keeping close relationships and connections.

If you are thinking of ordering an Uberkate piece.., let me just add this part – my husband says that he has been extremely impressed with them every step of the way from the word go!

Professional, friendly, speedy and what more can you ask when you then end up with a gorgeous piece that meets the standards and expectations of what you paid for. Well done Kate and your whole team at Uberkate !

It was so shiny that I could hardly take a picture – it kept reflecting !

Overall – very, very happy with my gift. Definitely felt like an early Christmas for me this year.

Have you even thought of Christmas yet? I saw that the shops here already got their Christmas stock in and I could not BELIEVE myself when I too fell for it and bought a Christmas decoration while doing grocery shopping at Costco!

On this Christmas note – maybe you are one of those very early planners…so, here is an idea for you for a table setting for Christmas.

My sister had set this beautiful table for a friends’ Christmas dinner last year.

But, you don’t need to wait for Christmas – what I wanted to really show you, is how successful you can use a glass as a candle holder. And very cleverly, she used dishwasher salt at the bottom of the glass to keep the candles upright.

We don’t always have candle holders but we all have glasses.

So, you can steal this idea for your next dinner table setting – with any theme !

Hope you enjoyed my little mini-Christmas.

And a BIG THANK YOU to my husband and kids for making my week very special  !

And thank you Uberkate for making these pieces !!



4 responses to Uber Uber Happy…. an Early Christmas !!

  • elli says:

    were those the charms you had on today!! very nice!!

  • Ilze says:

    Yes – they go with everything !!! So, you will see them a lot !! 😉

  • Adam says:

    So glad you liked your Uberkate piece! Check out our brand new “Hubby Hint” button… unlike your man, some blokes just need a little push… Ha!

    • Ilze says:

      That is a SUPER helpful button ! Wish it was there when I had to hint! But… mine worked out . Very happy indeed !!

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