11.11.11 Pepero Day


I hope everybody had a super special day on this momentous occassion – 11/11/11.

Here in Korea, it was Pepero Day.

According to Wikipedia, it is an observance in South Korea, similar to Valentines Day.

There are a number of explanations of how it originated, but it is named after the chocolate stick called Pepero and it is an annual celebration – on the day when the sticks placed next to each other resembles 11/11. One thing is for sure though, Koreans and Westerners living here have taken to this fun day in a big way.

Friends and romantics exchange these sticks on this day to share their love and friendships.

So, how else  then than sending  my kids each with a huge box of Pepero to school. You can imagine how many of these chocolate sticks were doing the rounds today in Korea. A huge thank you to my friend who specially brought me a pack of Pepero too so I did not feel left out !

Today, it was obviously EXTRA special since it was called Millenium Pepero Day for the unique 11/11/11 notation!

It is believed that Lotte, the huge supermarket, does currently sell 2/3 of their annual sales for this day specifically (2008: 55% of their total sales of this stick, during this week).

Around the globe this was a very special day….would be very happy to hear what you did on your 11/11/11.

I did say yesterday that today there would be some giveaway on my blog – but I did not want to distract from the uniqueness of today…so, it’s coming !!!



2 responses to 11.11.11 Pepero Day

  • Grethe says:

    Cool packaging! You must keep as keepsakes….wish I had something fun to report for 11.11.11. I suppose sorting out my handover notes doesn’t count?!?! MMMmmmm…..might have to think of something fun after work….Can just IMAGINE the Koreans today 🙂

  • starlet says:

    I’ve never heard of this celebration! How fun – happy pepero day! I wish we have more things from Lotte – all of their products are simply too good!

    P.S. I didn’t know you live in Korea, Ilze. I LOVE their fashion style!

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