DIY Cards, Cups and Dessert


I love teacups…. and teapots… I kind of collected them at some point.

But what do you do with all those beautiful porcelain pieces in a time where tea parties are not all that frequent an occassion ..and even then people opt for the more convenient coffee mug !

Today a few ideas on how to put your precious pieces to good use and a fun blog to visit to see how postcards are still doing the rounds !!

We all love to show off and share those things that are near and dear to our hearts.

My cousin had a very clever idea.

She turned her collection of teacups into something useful and unique. Using them as a subject matter, she had a morning of fun photographing them and then turned the pictures into beautiful greeting cards with blank insides. High quality card stock and glossy envelopes made them as good as getting them on the High Street. Just a lot more personal.

It’s almost like having a cup of tea with her in one of these when you receive one as a card or a stack of them as a gift – like I did!

I loved getting them….. but felt too sentimental about them to put to use !

Her greeting cards were nicely cut into the teacup shapes, but she also made some old fashioned postcards.

She is a wonderful cook and has a catering business…so, it is no surprise that she did some wonderful South African cuisine in a collage on the front of one of her postcards.


As an extra special touch, she added the recipe to one of the best traditional South African dishes on the front of the postcard, with some very appetizing snaps of the dish! Yes – that recipe and all about it, appears later in this post – keep reading to find the link to the other blog I am going to tell you about in a minute !

…and what is on the front is as important as the news on the back sometimes.

It shows the thought process of the person who sent it in the first place.

Who does not love getting a postcard in the mail?….
All of us. But one person in particular is Ellie Fortier, author of the blog, Punctutation Mark. A lovely blog indeed. When she did her post on her birthday wish of getting postcards from all over the globe… I had just the perfect postcard in my stack !

Finally it could come to good use and I mailed it off. It was so fun to see all the wonderful postcards arriving in Elli’s mailbox as she did a great post on each of them ! Mine too made it all the way to Miami and Elli did a superb job of featuring my postcard and my blog and celebrating South African tastes in her post.

I won’t spoil it for you. Best way is to head over to her blog – yes, the post is already a while back..but as I said already – never too late to get a good scoop on South Africa and what is has to offer. There is a Martha Stewart video, instructing this yummy curry dish- bobotie (the one on the postcard) and even a little on South African Wines.

It made me sooooooo homesick… as I was reading about our  lovely country on Elli’s blog. Thanks Elli !

What special things do you have in your cupboards or tucked away that you wish to dust off and put to special use? Will be fun to hear what ideas you have.

So, I guess my question for the day: If you were to make a greeting card or postcard today – what would you put on the front ? What is so special to you that you would wish to share ?

If you have those teacups, but you are not the crafty type… I leave you today with this alternative use for the beautiful cups – serving dessert in them.

My sister sent me this photo of a dessert she recently served in a variety of beautiful cups.

image credit: Sista !

For all the foodies out there… here is the recipe: (psst…nobody will stop you from putting a few ginger snap cookie crumbs with a hint of butter in the bottom of the cup first)


image: Shabby Blogs

People adore the taste as much as the presentation when you entertain – remember that !

It will serve you well.

Mmmm…my mouth watering…bobotie with strawberry dessert!

Enjoy Everybody !




5 responses to DIY Cards, Cups and Dessert

  • elli says:

    ok maybe i’ll make this for a dinner party!!! do i mix all ingredients and refrigerate? thanks for sharing great ideas!

  • it was my absolute pleasure to receive the card and feature it on the blog… i loved learning a bit more of your beautiful country!

  • Grethe says:

    Pleasure for the photo….you can repay me with hints and tips for events and parties (well….you already do anyway, so we can just stick to the arrangement 🙂 Elli, yes… to leave them overnight if you can.

  • Grethe says:

    P.S. Nog nooit die Russian cups gesien nie?? Baie nice. Ek het destyds die koppies geleen vir die desert. Wil baie graag vir myself ook daarvan kry.

  • Grethe says:

    Dessert 🙂

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