Happy Children – but not all…


Having a playdate is my daughter’s highlight of any day. She loves company and we are just extremely lucky to have so many friends around.
She has a friend just 2 doors down and they play endlessly, most EVERY day.
Getting a call to ask her over again today, made her  as happy today as if she had never been over before.
In a jiffy, she had the sticker book she was busy with under the arm, coat and boots on and off we went as I walked her up the hill to the friend’s house.
She had time to stop for a photo, make silly faces on the way…but could not wait to ring the doorbell and I could not help but snap another shot with my phone as I watched her excitedly waiting for the door to open up a day of play… a day of happiness.

It makes me so happy to see our children happy.

And then it makes it me so sad when I come across a gift idea which is a stark reminder that not all children are living happy, care-free lives.

So, I thought of sharing with you what was on my mind  today, and tell you of a gift idea that we can consider to make a difference!


Quoted ftom the Redbook site:

Light up her holiday with a limited-edition candle from Hollybeth’s. The soothing blend of cool peppermint and sweet vanilla creates a rich, relaxing fragrance that will provide much needed peace and comfort after a long day. A portion of the proceeds goes to Circle of Hope for Domestic Violence, an organization dedicated to empowering and bringing hope to those affected by domestic violence

Ooh…. the idea of that warm candle in this rainy weather just sounds sooo good to me now.

You can find it here.

I want to buy one of these…as it breaks my heart to think of all the children…helpless to defend themselves in a home where happiness has probably never entered the door.

In a time of giving and thinking about Christmas gifts, maybe this is another gift idea!

The idea that it might contribute one tiny bit in an attempt to get victims of domestic violence one step closer to happiness, makes us all happy, doesn’t it?

There is so little we can do in those situations… but this is one way.

Time to go get my little one after her day of play.

Happy Saturday everybody!



3 responses to Happy Children – but not all…

  • Brenda says:

    You have a nack of creating happiness – because you have so much love and happiness that you keep on pouring out and sharing!
    You are a burning candle – thanks for the light you provide and the examples you set …
    May God keep filluing you with His love, joy and happiness to pass on! We can’t change the world – but we can mae it happier for those we meet, as you do!

  • elli says:

    ilze, does HB ship to Korea??

    • Ilze says:

      Elli – after I posted a couple of hours later i went back and they were out of stock ! ;-(
      So, nothing we can do about it now…
      I will check again – but it said limited edition.
      Oh well – nice thought. There will be another chance somewhere !

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