Today is Thursday


I am not one of those people who can sit all by myself in a coffee shop without a good book to read or nothing to do other than sipping on the drink I ordered. Well, I don’t have a good book with me….

So, here I am sharing my day with you while I wait for my blondie girl having an hour of voice lessons in the studio next door.

I like Cafe bene here in Seoul  – they have a cozy atmosphere and  a good wi-fi with a number of i-macs for the customers’ use. Isn’t that cool? They even have Skype loaded on the macs if you ever find the need to contact a relative while out and about !

My day was pretty busy… but I had a great morning.

Just realizing again that I really draw my energy from people. They probably feel drained after they met with me as I take it out of them…or it works the same for people who connect, which would be a real win-win!

Having a friend drop by early morning with whom I can exchange recipes, buy jewelry and candles from, exchange ingredients for dishes to make, bringing me things I could not myself find around town and have a great chit-chat – all while still being in my pajamas and before 9 am… is certainly a friend I love having around.

Then my morning continued to be great with having my very creative friend over at my house for a coffee, showing me wonderful things to do with software programs I am not familiar with ! She is so talented with crafts and sewing projects and her blog, MOLINE, is a delight to read and visit. I can’t wait to go try some of the things I learnt !

In a foreign country…expats tend to come  up with groups to make us all feel more at home…. being amongst friends. One of those is the monthly neighborhood luncheon. It is a great way to connect with the ladies from all over the globe who found a new house in your same neighborhood. Only to find today – that despite our best efforts…we still and will remain “foreigners” and maybe we took that “make yourself feel at home”  a little too far !

As me and my friend…. and those who tagged along while we were heading down the street looking for the hostess’ house found out today! The hostess said she would leave the garage open so we would easily find the house. We got quite an unfriendly welcoming committee in the garage – from the one waving with huge gestures that I should not park my car so close to their house… on to the Korean cleaning lady (adjuma) who really shouted at us for leaving our shoes on as we were heading up a staircase we still considered to be not “in the house”. We had good intentions to take our shoes off when we hit the inside of the house, but she was leading us through the back-way and off cause we had no way to explain that to her, so we just obeyed…sneaked back down and handed all our shoes over. The unsuspecting elderly couple on their sofa watching mid-day TV… kind of looked strangely upon us as we looked around for tables to put our food and wine contributing to the potluck luncheon. It did not take us long to realize that we are not in the right house and as we scurried back out the house trying to avoid explaining in a foreign language… I tripped over the steps and almost sent my friend in front of me back to ER for another cast… as her current one is due to come off on Monday after 5 weeks recovering from her injury ! We both crashed into the wall…while the gang behind me …my friend and the elderly couple was all making their way down. Back outside… between hysterical giggles… wine and food back in hand… shoes back on our feet…it all made sense… we noticed the house one up in the street also had the garage open!

Oh.. what a great reminder today that we shall remain foreigners… untill the day we can converse with the Korean crew outside the house to check who lives there before we march up and make ourselves at home in some strangers’ living room. How weird they must think we are…


image: Shabbyblogs

Well – my girl is back… big smile on her face for singing a piece she did not think she could manage, before the lesson… so all is well, that ends well.

Her drink is done…she is now hurrying me to hit PUBLISH…so,

all that’s left for me to SAY on this THURSDAY, is the following:

I love my friends… they give me energy, laughs and good times… and a good giggle now and then !

Gotta go.

Back on Friday – with some FREEBIES !!!!! (my daughter is asking – what is freebies?? If you don’t know – keep checking – you don’t want to miss out !)



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  • Yvonne says:

    Thank you Ilze! How sweet to treat me this way!
    And LOL about the Seongbuk-dong-living-room adventure. I can so imagine that! Could have been me!
    See you soon!

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