Winner for Blog Giveaway 1



And a big thank you to each of you who made it fun and took part in the first blog giveaway I hosted !

Obviously, without you, I can not do this kind of thing !

And I learn as I go along !

I am hoping to improve the comment section so it will look a little more pretty, be more interactive, hopefully very user-friendly, easy to find and so forth… so that you will love more and more leaving comments for me!
Unfortunately I am not that much of a techie ghuru…I will need to call in a big hand to help me a little ! Here I come, Libby (you will read about her soon).

I will also experiment and use different methods of choosing a winner. Initially I was just going to pick the comment I liked best…but then I read them all…and simply could not do that, as I love you all !!

So, today was just a luck of the draw. Purely “POTLUCK ” !

For the drawing, you could watch this video.




But if you just want to skip the video and straight want to dive into who got lucky….!

The recipient of a beautiful pack of stationery of own choice to the value of 50 000 Won is:  BRIGITTE 
A well deserving winner, since you were actually also the first one to comment on this post! I like that.

I will contact you ! A gift order from Corbdesign to be arranged soon.

Tomorrow I have a great tip that I found on the internet – and it worked so well,  I have to share !

Thanks again Brigitte, Saori, Elli, Grethe, Brenda. Really appreciate that you left comments on the blog!
Next time if you guys can each get 3 friends to also jump in and comment, it will just be all the more fun !

And those of you who have visited the blog but have not yet taken the courage to leave a comment… have a go next time ?!! Follow the lead of these Brave girls in the previous paragraph!






7 responses to Winner for Blog Giveaway 1

  • Grethe says:

    O no……will try again next time! Have thought about asking you where you got those cards anyway, so will contact Sally to place an order seeing that I didn’t win this time! Keep writing, we’ll keep reading…

  • Saori says:

    Uploading the actual video for the drawing is so funny! You are really showing us a fairness : ) Thanks for your blog. Please keep writing!

    • Ilze says:

      Saori – you can tell I keep myself busy when I am alone at home. Making sure I keep up with every next thing technology brings like experimenting with youtube videos and how to keep on putting new things on my blog !
      Just don’t want to be left behinid ;-))

  • Brenda says:

    Congratulations, BRIGITTE . . . enjoy the cards!

  • Brigitte says:

    Thank you so much! I really enjoy this blog. I am always inspired by your talent and your positive attitude!

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