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Blog Giveaway time again ! This could be yours !

I loved the new bathroom set that Ikea recently launched as soon as I laid eyes on it.

The colours –  I can best describe it as Amber, somewhere between Mauve pink and Plum, and Gunmetal.

Mmmmm…..such a classy new combination for any room – especially a boring,  neutral bathroom that needs a bit of warmth.

Problem is … I don’t have any bathroom that needs or justifies any type of make-over. But I could not resist buying and had the perfect excuse – another BLOG GIVEAWAY. Why the giveaway and why a bathroom set?

As you can tell from my previous 2 posts, I have  been busy checking up on my guest bedroom and bathroom. If you missed it, catch up here and here for some tips.That may have inspired you to have a look at your own bathroom. It is the holidays and many of us are in the shopping spree mode. Me too, except that we are not actually giving gifts to the extended family this year. That cuts about 30 people off my list…. so I have decided to put you on my Christmas list this year.

The good thing about this one is that you will be in the count if you comment on ANY of the posts in December. But remember, you have to “like” the blog first to be in the count. Just the way it works, so I can keep tabs.

Now….. for the set I am dying to keep, but willing to give…..

I really do think it is such a classy combination…Trust me …. I’m a…. well, okay… I’m an accountant…… but no, really – TRUST me.  It is gorgeous and will turn any bathroom into a beautiful boudior.

So, what exactly will you get yourself this time?


I have put these items together as I think it will be the perfect starter-kit for a guest toilet where you don’t need his or hers set of tumblers, you can get away with face towels, you might want to spoil guests with a little perfume spray and as in any little restroom, you add a bit of lotions and potions to help keep your guests refreshed and spoilt. The deco flowers is added in the mix but hopefully you will be able to add a candle or two, some luxury soaps to create a new look instantly. A matching wall in one of the palette undertones will just be the perfect deal clincher.

How does today’s giveaway works? Simple. Like last time – in case you missed it, recap here. And again, congratulations to Brigitte who got herself a set of wonderful stationery! And yes – you can comment as many times as you like… and you can comment even if you have won before !

If you comment on today’s post – you cant tell me  what you would do with this set if you win it or if you have a bathroom which would be fun to re-decorate and why, or simply if you love this color scheme as much as I do!

So, to recap and make sure you don’t miss out:

PLEASE NOTE: This is open to any person in any country, but if any restrictions apply with regards to shipping the set to that country, right is reserved to draw an alternative winner. Winner will be announced in the first week of January and all comments during December will be in count. Set will be shipped on January 15th, unless otherwise arranged.

Image credit for the collage at the top:1 Plums, 2. LONDON ZOO 15, 3. Tulip, Plum Colored, 4. Polar Star roses, rouge baiser roses, cool water roses carried by bridesmaids wearing a plum color dress, 5. Purple haze, 6. Keyboard, 7. Contemporary Pendant Lamps in Plum, 8. Plum Coloured Rain, 9. Plum in hand., 10. Plum Truffle, 11. Filling the cauldron/sljive/plums/rakija, 12. diya, 13. Amber, 14. Amber Topaz Chandelier Crystal Bracelet, 15. Autumn Graze, 16. Burnished lake ice, 17. Amber caves , 18. Glass collection, 19. Couch, 20.Red Hair, 21. Plums, 22. the amber gambler, 23. sky wonder-duskview-painting on sky, 24. ., 25. Earrings, 26. Fashion, 27. Red Yellow Blue Sunset28. Table 29. Trees 30. Gray31. Orange Belt 32. Sun Sky 33. Cocktail34. Door 35. Purple Tile Bath 36.Casadeperrin



3 responses to Blog Giveaway – Bathroom Bliss

  • Tania says:

    Hi Ilze! These are my favorite colors believe it or not! I love mauve, grey and silver. I also love a taupey grey (ya know with a hint of purple). Sadly, there is no Ikea in Hawaii 🙁

    Btw, I’m an accountant too. Who says accountants are creative? Those darn stereotypes.

    Nice to meet you from BYW.

  • Tania says:

    That should be aren’t….But we are!

  • Saori says:

    This is wonderful idea. Great pics! I like the glass bowl very much. I would want to collect those for my bathroom. Love the shape of the bowl. and the color!

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