Missed the Boat today !




Saw this image recently on Pinterest and I could totally relate ! That would be so me. Had a good chuckle.

I had a few self-imposed deadlines today…and sadly I missed them.

One of them was a post I wanted to share with you today. Well – that was untill the guys who had cut the trees, also accidentally cut my internet line yesterday…and that seriously ruined a few plans I had.

But… I guess tomorrow is another day…and luckily for some of us… missing the boat today is not necessarily the end of the world… or our existence…?!

Hope you had a good day today and Hope that I will be able to make good tomorrow on a few promises and a few projects I hope to pull together.

And this time I promise to be here when I am supposed to be here.



3 responses to Missed the Boat today !

  • noreen says:

    we’ve all had days like that! cute. thanks for sharing.

  • Monet says:

    HAHA!!! Nice mama! Ya dit es jy!! ek lag ook!!

  • Saori says:

    Oh, yes. I just had a day like that today. Went to totally wrong direction on the road by thinking about something else (busy, busy, busy…). Arrived very late for the appointment time. Someone was very upset, but, oh well…I just laughed at myself : )

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