Best Design Blog 2012…or 2020?


A big congratulations to Elements of Style, Design Sponge,  All the Best Blog, decor8 and Tobi’s Blog  for being nominated for the Best Overall Design Blog 2012 in the Hall of Fame Awards by DesignBloggers. There are other categories too, really interesting to go check out all these worthy blogs…

So, I’ve wondered why my name did not come up there among the nominations….

Took me a good few minutes to ponder about it…

Maybe it was because I have not blogged since before Christmas in the “previous year”….

Maybe it was because I have not yet even announced the winners of the giveaways I hosted… or maybe that was actually because very few have responded to my giveaway.

Maybe it was because I have not yet mastered the hight-tech manner in which I originally tried to present my blogroll – to the point where I have now moved it off my blog and onto my Pinterest (I must get an award for that !! – I bet you soon others are gonna do that !!).

Maybe it was because my Christmas post and New Year’s well-wishes are still sitting in the draft box, since I dissappear off to a land where there is no internet every December … oh yes, now I remember…requirement nr 1 for blogging is internet access.

Maybe it is because my blog does not have a “PRESS” tab at the top …oh, damn… you actually have to have been in the Press to have a page like that! Definitely going to add one soon.. I am definitely going to be featured somewhere before China becomes the biggest economy in the world.

Maybe it is because I have less than 50 followers and half of them family or friends I had to bribe… but then again – I saw that one of the Best NEW Design Blogs only have 69 followers? Just proofs my point that not everyone who reads your blog neccessarily press the “like” button. Note to self – remember that next time you self-pity. And stop cursing technology for the many times the “like” box dissappear off the side-bar….you can still find it here on facebook if you would like to “like” me.

Maybe it is because you have to be a Design Blog to be nominated for Best Design Blog…oh yeah… that makes sense. Off course…. there was my a-ha moment !

But really, it was all of the above. I have lots of work to do on my blog and I am hoping to do so in 2012. Like a New Year’s Resolution if you’d like – only that I know those don’t last beyond January of any given year ! So, I refuse to call it that, but I do hope that I would find the time this year to record all the little splendours of life I come across. Things that are worth sharing – just to combine my world and your world and to get your comments so that eventually we can connect the dots and have our worlds become closer and more connected so that we all can have a bigger world than we are capable of visiting or seeing all by ourselves. Isn’t that what this is all about for you, too? (Tip – I don’t always get to blog about everything, so some of the little tidbit images remain in my Instagram which you can find as idodetail here. Feel free to join my journey there !)

So, back to the professional bloggers -  they dedicate all their time and effort to their blogs and they deserve their nominations through and through and I wish them all well – what a great achievement and honour and thrill to be in line for a big award for all the dedication. Yes – I know….. those people are SO talented that they actually do a lot of it effortlessly and second nature by now..but I am still trying make my case, okay?!

So, now I appreciate every person who reads my blog even more !  Thank you to each one of you ….who read and enjoy my blog despite it having the incomplete blogrolls, even when I don’t find the time to beautify my blog constantly and hardly find time to report on the great finds out there…. those who let me feel like an Award nominee for simply blogging what comes to mind, for leaving me comments and notes of appreciation everywhere inspiring me to keep doing what I love.

If this is your first time here – Welcome to my platform where I will continue to share my passions, pain and pleasures. I try keeping you from the “pain” part, but it sometimes slip through.

I am looking forward to talk the talk and walk the walk again in 2012.

Thanks for hanging out with me my Deer Friends !

(Image: Art Centre, Insa-dong, Seoul)

To the way forward in 2012 ! And my award in 2020 !



2 responses to Best Design Blog 2012…or 2020?

  • Brigitte says:

    Love the deer! keep blogging!
    not sure why your blog is still not appearing on my FB, hope you can fix that!

  • Saori says:

    Hi, Ilze! I’m happy to see your blog being updated again. I love the angle of the pic. I should visit the place one time. I had a bad day today understanding culture here, but your blog made my day : ) Thank you! The resolution article is funny to read, too. I haven’t made my this year’s resolution yet, but I can say that I should concern about #3 the most on the list (long story). funny me…
    I liked the video clip, too. Keep warm and take care!

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