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Temperatures have dropped in an instant and so did my body immunity I guess !

It was a freezing -18 degrees Celcius when we left our hotel in the morning after a ski weekend with wonderful friends. I ended up with a terrible flu.

Today, I am staying warm, cuddled up with my fluffy blanket and doing what I love – blogging.

Yes, that’s what I do when my house is a mess and I have no help to assist me unpacking, cleaning and doing the laundry. I ascribe it to the fact that my body needs rest and recovery!

It have lit a special candle – it fills the room with a wonderful aroma and it is called A NICE DAY. It is a Ceramic and Soy Candle from Kongcho Science and it indeed has an incredible smell. They have a variety to choose from.

I have a lot to share later in the day – maybe they deserve separate posts – so, do check back  for an announcement of the blog giveaway winner, some personal news and a fun post about more things I love to do. First up are some admin things I have to do…sorry.

It is a indeed a nice day today – snowing outside but sunshine and blue skies to go with it. I took this picture this morning with sunrise. It just got even more beautiful later…

I am staying inside – even I have reason to go out…

Who knew it would snow so much overnight ?

Stay warm. Sending you love.



2 responses to Blog Love

  • Grethe says:

    It’s not snowing over here…..just WET so enjoy! The pillows actually looks nice in white 🙂 Good luck with the cold. x

  • Saori says:

    Hope you feel better. I love the pictures. You need to tell me someday how to input (or overwrite?) letters on pictures.

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