You and Your Health


Have that on your list of New Year’s Resolutions this year? Again?
Well – read on and you will get a free prescription on how to improve EVERYTHING – free today, right here !

But, back a step first to New Year’s Resolutions.

Does this make you smile?

I saw this on a friend’s facebook, and… it made me smile.

Just HOW many times we have to repeat the SAME intentions..over and over… same issues, just slightly different angle as time goes by?

I have browsed many, many blogs in the past week – incidently on my phone while I was killing time in the hospital each day of last week waiting for tests, doctors consultations, scans and referrals.

A long story short. The NUMBER 1 goal I found on most people’s blogs who expressed a wish, was a focus on HEALTH. It hit home with me for sure.
Somehow it is top of mind for many people out there….and yes, funny how it definitely becomes top priority when your health comes under threat and you sit in those wards of Oncology, Cardio and other not-so-fun places to hang out….
Then only you realize how blessed you are to still get the good news at the end of it all. But somehow that thought does not stick all that long once you feel invisible again.

But, no doubt what will be my nr. 1 goal in 2012….
I plan to tell you in a later post one of the biggest changes I plan, but that for later.

For now – something cheap, easy and something we ALL can do – a secret prescription you can get and it’s free today – only 10 minutes of your time…but maybe YEARS to your life – WORTH A WATCH !


Let me know what your resolution(s) were this time round and if you have had them before? And let me know what you think of the video?

But even if this was not on your list… I hope you heard something valuable that will just encourage you again today to do what the doctor ordered.

And reason being…..?


Good luck Everyone.



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  • Yvonne says:

    You’ll find me right around the corner for assistance! Yes we can!

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