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Today is Thanksgiving day celebrated in America, but somehow it filtered through to the rest of the world and many people are thinking about their loved ones, counting their blessings and being thankful for life and loved ones.

Surely there was also a lot of feasting going on today and in that spirit, I want to share something you can enjoy, even on a full stomach !

Just to sit back and admire the incredible graffiti on these walls.

Creativity has no end. The talent is simply to be admired.




















































I would love to know which one is your favourite or if you perhaps know where any of these are?! Leave me a comment and share your impressions of these with me. Would love to hear if you enjoyed these as much as I did today.

I received these images via an e-mail from a friend.

Some of these I have seen before and maybe you too…but it was just too good to NOT share.

Unfortunately I don’t have the original source of these images or else I would have credited those. If you happen to own or know who to credit these to, I would be more than happy to do so !

Happy Thanksgiving everyone .



8 responses to Good Graffiti

  • Brenda says:

    Louis Armstrong sang “What a wonderful world!”. Your graffiti is indeed “Beauty created by the unknown” to brighten, make a statement and entertain!

    My favourite …the “happy pencil”.

    Enjoyed all – as each conveys a special meaning!

    Thanks for sharing …

    • Ilze says:

      Just goes to show – I did not even notice the happy pencil?! So happy I shared – I had to go back and then found the happy guy – such a great message in that picture. Thanks for pointing that out !

  • Yovanka Snyman says:

    Wow, Ilse – this is amazing!

    My absolute favourite is the zebra and his stripes getting washed and hanged out to dry – very funny! 🙂

    I work in Canary Wharf, London and recently we had a British artist Joe Hill break the Chinese held record for the Largest 3D painting which measures 1160.45m².

    You have to view it from the right angle – it’s incredible!
    See link below (i hope it’s ok to share!)

    Ps I love your blog and enjoy reading all your creative ideas & tips! Do you have any inspirational decorating (cheap and cheerful) ideas for the dinner/lunch table on Christmas?

    yovanks (friends with Grethe)

    • Ilze says:

      Hi Yovanka ! Yes, I know OF you ..even though we have not met. Thanks for reading my blog! I checked out the link – just incredible !! Those 3D ones absolutely baffles my mind… I can just admire. Did you see the link on the Christmas table tip that Grethe actually did – with the tealight candles in the dishwasher salt in wine glasses – you can find it here or look in the sidebar for the Uberkate post on 18 October.
      I might post a few more before Christmas but that one really struck a cord with me.

  • gudy herder says:

    Hi Ilze, this is an awesome archive!
    I have 2 favourites: the one with the 2 little boys painting, so cute; and the other one is the very 1st one!
    Some of them are from JR(

  • Lala says:

    Hi Ilze, Amazing collections. My fav is the shoe-shaped zebra cross.

    • Ilze says:

      Lala – that is my favorite too !!! Just love those zebras . Probably because we have zebras in our garden in South Africa – and they linger around the washing line. I can so relate…and thought it was so cleverly done ! I posted a picture of them in an earlier post about the things I miss about home. Hope you saw them !

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