A Bathroom can change in a day !


It is no big secret that I love renovating, remodelling, re-decorating, re-building….anything re-creating !

No big surprise then that during the past holiday I could not help myself but re-doing the master bathroom in our holiday home.

It all started with this post about the blog giveaway  which you can find by clicking Bathroom Bliss. I soo wanted to re-do a bathroom in my own house after buying the giveaway set, but I could not find a bathroom in my house that needed a change……..except off course when I went on holiday and spotted something with my little eye…..

We bought the house “as is” about 7 years ago, since we lived abroad then already and wanted a place of our own which we could go to during our holidays (best decision ever). Building a new house long distance was not an option….so we took it the way it was and could move in immediately without any construction required. It is ideal for our situation, but …yes, the downside… not exactly my style. BIG problem.

This always causes for some kind of an “itch” I get, when I am there. And this time was no different.

But you can kind of see why, right?!  Yes – functional, Yes- practical, Yes – not really worth spending money on a bathroom that is in use 2 months of the year and no one else but I walk into…. ?!

But not quite inspirational.  Well – enough reason to motivate a change nevertheless.

Except this time I knew that knocking out walls, making dust, drilling and digging holes were not going to have a good effect on the marriage bliss at this point, while there were other far more important things on which money needed to be spent.

But still – one morning I got up, had a look in the mirror and decided today is the day that this room will change – IN A DAY.

This post is to show you that you can create a new look, without any structural changes….just a paintbrush and a minimal budget.

I had my limitations – promising that I was not going to go overboard and work with most of what I had for eg. no new towels, re-use the towel rails etc etc…. but still the overall look was different, and created a much cleaner look. Overall, I was pleased.

So, here is the rundown of the mini-facelift the bathroom got without any deep surgery !


Having done this lifted my mood instantly and put a smile on my face for the next morning I woke up !

I am hoping you feel inspired to take a space and give it a facelift.

One lucky person who will get to do a bathroom make-over is

Congratulations to Saori and hope you enjoy doing your bathroom make-over. Still LOVE those colors you will receive !



5 responses to A Bathroom can change in a day !

  • Saori says:

    wow, wow, wow….sooooo HAPPY 🙂 Yey!!! I will call you tomorrow.

    I like today’s article. Thank you for your quick tips for a bathroom makeover. I love Turquois color, too!

    Thank you, Ilze!!!

  • Nicole says:

    OMG you are AMAZINGLY talented. Outstanding motivation and reward.
    Now to enjoy it!!!

  • Sanel says:

    Hallo!Dit lyk stunning!Wat se tipe verf het jy gebruik?Well done!!!

    • Ilze says:

      Hi Sanel – die bolaag verf maak glad nie saak nie, jy gebruik dieselfde as op enige muur. Dis die onderlaag wat die trick is. Jy vra vir spesiale onderlaag vir teels by enige verfplek … Jack’s Paints in Parys is experts met dit. As jy hulle bel, sal hulle selfs oor die foon vir jou se wat spesifiek !

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